Our Mission

Our mission at Canyon Ridge Christian Prep is to provide information, Christian fellowship, and encouragement to parents who wish to direct the education of their children. We seek to enhance opportunities for harmonious development of our children's mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being.  Our desire is to impress the minds and hearts of our children with the knowledge and love of God.  Fostering a relationship with Jesus Christ in preparation for service to the world is our highest priority.

What can Canyon Ridge Christian Prep do for you?

Our Christian support group provides an environment where you and your children can meet likeminded families that share the passion of Christ centered living, we've got the program to meet your needs.

Are you a drop off program?

Canyon Ridge Christian Prep IS NOT a drop-off program. Since parent volunteers and helpers teach our classes and coordinate our activities and events, parents are responsible for their own children at all times. Families are required to be on the premises together for classes. Sitting in a car or dropping off children is not allowed. In cases of an emergency please see the Administrator.

Do you provide curriculum?

No, Canyon Ridge Christian Prep does not provide curriculum.  Parents may choose a curriculum which best fits their families needs.

Our Staff

Consists of knowledgeable and experienced homeschooling parents who are dedicated to volunteering their time and talents to serving God and their community through homeschool leadership.

Our Teachers

Consists of those whom have and still work diligently instructing students. Our teachers volunteer their time to provide quality enrichment classes that enhance the academic development of each of our students.

If you would like to register, CLICK HERE. We look forward to meeting you!